Turnkey Installing.

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Frattali’s work is not complete until the furniture you have chosen has left the shop to be set up in your home and until the furnished space has become just how you had imagined it.

The final realisation of the project, in fact, depends upon its installation, thus particular attention is reserved to furniture assembly. Deliveries are carried out by highly qualified carpenters and artisans. Our delivery teams have been selected over time and have been working with us for over 20 years. It is they who fine tune the planning.

Thanks to the professionals we employ, it is also possible to carry out customised installations.

Through a careful assembly, aesthetic and functional choices are implemented and enhanced. The work, carried out with maximum courtesy and attention to the client’s wishes, may also be completed in more than one visit, should it be necessary.

The installing is free of charge. It is valuable to us, and is included in your purchase.